Ori Tahiti Las Vegas 2016 Photos Homepage


Here you will find photos taken by Gregory Young at the Ori Tahiti Las Vegas 2016 Dance Competition held February 13th and 14. You are hereby given permission to view, download, and print these photos for personal use only. They are Copyrighted by Gregory Young and may not be used in any way for commercial use.  Any detrimental use of these photos (i.e. bullying, immoral use, illegal use, etc.)  is strictly forbidden.

2-4 Exhibition 5-7 Tamari'i 8-10 Tamari'i
11-13 Taure'ere'a 14-17 Taure'are'a 18-21 Seniors
22-25 Seniors 26-30 Seniors 31-35 Seniors
51+ Masters Awards Miscellanious
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